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Sunday, August 17, 2008

In Less Than Three Hours

...President Musharraf is going to address the nation. It may be his last as President.

The key still lies with another Fauji - Gen. Kayani.

The BillionaireUnlikelyTwins hope that by easing out Musharraf they would strengthen the fledgling democracy in Pakistan. Their newfound love for democracy is suspect. The TransplantedOne wanted to become Amir ul Momineen and the The Walking Grin's billions have been whitewashed by the NRO.

President Musharraf can:

* sail into the sunset quitely (not likely)

* he can use artcile 58(2)(b) - (depends on Brigade 111 - will Kayani hold it back or unleash it?)

* he can offer a conditional resignation.

The conditional resignation could be most problematic. It may break the coalition - Nawaz is obsessive and adamant on not giving a safe passage to his nemesis - Zardari would prefer to move on.

If the coalition partners continue to disagree, anything is possible.

Advantage: Faujis

ps: I wrote Faujis not Musharraf

pps: now less that 150 minutes


Blogger Unknown said...

Seems you are right on! The Walking Grin - tooo good. Describes to perfection!

August 18, 2008 2:32 AM  

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