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Monday, August 25, 2008

How real is your politik? - Shandana Minhas

I have not read anything by Shandy so overtly political as this column:

And as a human citizen of a proud sovereign country currently embroiled in serious economic, political and ideological crises that cannot be resolved without selfless, visionary leadership, I think Zardari for president is the worst idea since poodle clipping as an Olympic sport (seriously, Paris, 1900, 128 ‘athletes’ competed to see who could clip the most poodle’s fur in a two hour period).

My reasons for this are simple: He has no political legitimacy; a representative democracy means power is conferred through election not (un)natural selection. He has a dodgy track record; his stints as minister for the environment and investments under previous PPP governments were marred by allegations of corruption that still refuse to go away. He lacks consistency and hence credibility: The judiciary is not a real issue…Sure we’ll restore the judiciary…We’ll restore it right now…We’ll restore it later…Judy Who?


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