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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bottom Line

The negotiations between Musharraf and Zardari-Sharif Unnatural oalition hinges over one major condition - Musharraf insists on complete indemnification over all his actions.

Obsessed, hateful and driven Nawaz has dug his heels. Zardari, reports indicate is willing to be more flexible.

US, UK and SoodiUmricans have also jumped into the fray.

The bottom line? Kayani and the institution that he represents. Their insistence that Musharraf be not touched is understandable. Any successful effort to impeach and later charge Musharraf with misdeed would inevitably drag two offices - the President and the Army Chief.

The results would show who is more powerful the elected civilians or the Army. All other players are incidental. This is the bottom line.

This is also ominous. If Musharraf sails into the sunset, and if conditions continue to be mismanaged and deteriorate guess who would step in ... once again?


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