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Thursday, August 21, 2008

America Is Better Off Without Musharraf - Hussain Haqqani

These are the op ed words of a man who wore many hats - from the Nawaz League, he jumped to PPP, marrying Nahid Khan's sister, then divorcing her to marry Farah Naz Ispahani, teaching at Boston, joined neo-con think tanks, got close to Bibi in exile and landing the plum ambassadorship in DC. He is also alleged to be a neo-con if not a neoconzix. Media savvy, always glib, never at a loss for words in both Urdu and English:

The U.S.'s primary concern in Pakistan remains the ongoing war against al Qaeda and the Taliban, mainly in the country's northwest region bordering Afghanistan. With Mr. Musharraf gone, the war against terror will in fact be pursued with much more vigor and much less political manipulation. Anti-Americanism among Pakistan's people may ease, now that Washington is not seen as backing an unpopular strongman. That should make it easier for the elected government to fight terrorism without being accused of doing America's bidding in return for economic and military assistance.

(Am not sure what dreamland Mr Haqqani lives in. Musharraf is gone but replaced by another of their point man, Kayani, now seen unburdened with political considerations - t)

The assumption that dealing with a single, authoritarian leader is the best way to do business with a foreign government is erroneous. In a nation of 160 million, the U.S. should not count on only one man as its ally. Those who are American allies by conviction and a shared belief in democracy, tolerance and free markets are bound to be better allies than an ally of convenience seeking only aid and political support.

(Mr. Haqqani should read more history - the US talks about democracy from one corner of the mouth but when it comes to working, preponderately in the years since 1945, the US has preferred to work with dictators, shahs, kings and not with democratically elected leaders in the third world - Egypt, Iran, Iraq, is along list. Further, the US is NOT counting on one man in a nation of 160 million. He is insulting the reader's intelligence. - t)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I only read your blog occasionally but couldn't help notice that this is the third or fourth post on your blog about him since he was named ambassador. The article in the Wall Street Journal is the Pakistani ambassador putting forward the best face to Americans for developments in Pakistan. Isn't that what an ambassador is supposed to do? Or should he, like you, just comment and criticize under a pen name. For God's sake, make an argument and stop bashing individuals?

Dont you think you insult the readers' intelligence with your clearly personal dispute with Haqqani? What does it matter who he is married to or was married to in the past? No wonder you can't get published in Wall Street Journal or anywhere other than your own blog. You are clearly too petty.

And your ego and self importance as so huge that you want to "approve" every comment before publishing it.

August 22, 2008 4:06 PM  
Blogger temporal said...

thanks you anon for your kind words.

is he a neo con or not? the proof is in the pudding

August 22, 2008 4:13 PM  

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