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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Load Shedding and Sind

Load shedding is a reality for Sind. There are hardly any new plants coming online in the immediate future. Dams, Coal, Gas or Nuclear powered generators are forever being discussed to death. Windmill and Tide generated power is not even talked about.

Recently, you must have read reports of the finding one of the largest deposits of coal in the subcontinent near Hyderabad. Coal fired Electrical Generation was responsible for much of the pollution in the las decades. But there is a new generation of plants that has cut down the pollution drastically from the old ones along with improving the efficiency ratio from about 10% to 40%. Of course there is a higher cost involved in these plants. But then the recovery rate is also increased.

"If 2% of the whole coal reserves at Thar gets utilised, the country could generate 20,000MW of electricity for 40 years and if the whole reserves are utilised, then it could easily be imagined how much energy could be generated."

The new governments, both in Sind and in Pakistan should urgently review the power generating crisis and act. This review should also focus on coal. nuclear and wind generation.

Here is an article that lists ten myths about nuclear generation.

Rob Johnston

Ten myths about nuclear power

‘It's dangerous, wasteful and too expensive!’ Greens are busily putting the case against nuclear, but there is not a spark of truth in their arguments


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