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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

TeethMaestro, Karachi Metrobloggers, HRCP wallahs

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan web site is sadly in need of updating. Last night at a gathering, friends were discussing the violence in the wake of Bhutto assassination. In particular, they were wondering about the rape and plunder in Sind. One lady brought up the recovery of 28 or 38 ( I could not gather the exact number) ladies, by the rangers from interior Sind, who were detained and raped.

Others mentioned scores of women who were raped in Karachi.

That is when I started my search for news on the web, without success. As a last resort I went to the HRCP site, which is sorely in need of being updated.

To be honest, I have not read anything in Pakistani papers by any official of HRCP against the murder, mayhem and rapes in Karachi and Sind.

This, is in stark contrast to the last press release I read by a V-P of HRCP seeking punishment for the miscreants who allegedly mistreated and molested Asma Jahangir’s daughter and her friends while they were shopping in Lahore. Also, the silence was contrasted with their vociferous denunciation in the aftermath of May 12 violence last year.

TeethMaestro, Karachi Metrobloggers, HRCP wallahs - please update


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