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Monday, December 10, 2007

the puppeticians dancing to the piper

thank you fatima bhutto! i learned that you coined this word puppetician.

after flirting dangerously with to participate or not to participate brothers sharipov have given in to their backers and party supporters who have been out of power for so long.

so the fellow who has sacked one SC chief and had ordered his goons to raid the SC while it was in session has decided to abandon his demands and participate on jan 09 in what will be a sham election.

everyone who loses out that day will use these words!

chairperson for life who tried her best to confuse and hoodwink brothers sharipov would be smirking at having failed

in a two or as is more like three way race her chances of pulling ahead are that much slimmer

which brings us to the master puppeteer mushy who will be smiling and saying "the more the merrier"

which brings me to fatima bhutto and former captain moin khan - the former having coined puppetician and the latter doosra.

our contribution to the language.


Blogger Hassan Sheerazi said...

Temporal.. this is the first comment perhaps... though you will soon understand while reading these lines that this was not only a comment but more of a request... the write-up is very interesting and the author seems brave...

Puppeticians: whoever coined it deserves appreciation....

ok.. now coming straight to the point.. if u are interested to write for Dawn's Karachi NOtebook do mail me at


December 11, 2007 2:48 PM  

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