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Monday, November 12, 2007

What If Protesters Really Succeed And Another General Takes Over?

(Updated) I see news anchors appearing on programmes. Talat Hussain, Hamid Mir, Kashif Abbasi, Kamran Khan.

The two that stand out for being less circumspect than others are Kashif Abbasi and Kamran Khan.

Kashif for informing and hinting at continued 'linkage' between Chairperson for Life and the General. He smirked about the numbers of PeePeePee folks protesting outside her house (150-200 max) and how PeePeePee cadres are released the same day (with the exception of Aitezaz - who is disowned by her.)

Kamran for commenting on this Emergency and comparing the press censorship said this (censorship) is nothing compared to what the journalists experienced under Bhutto and Zia.


What If Protesters Really Succeed And Another General Takes Over?

If you follow the international print media the news from Pakistan is not flattering.

If you follow the Emergency on Wikia and the earnest bloggers covering the Emergency at Blogger Pakistan you share their pain, thoughts and aspirations.

President Musharraf is the bull’s eye for their wrath. Deposed CJ Iftikhar Chaudhary appears to be the guardian angel that would cure all that ails Pakistan.

Some What-Ifs are necessary to reflect about if these protests succeed:
· Are protesters not putting all their eggs in one basket?
· Who will exercise authority in the interim with Assemblies dissolved, constitution in abeyance, Musharraf beleaguered, opposition in disarray?
· Powers abhors vacuum. If Kayani takes over won’t the citizens be back to square one?
· If the constitution is restored, will it be with amendments as of Nov 03, 2007? If not, in the absence of Legislature who will decide which version shall be effective?
· Where is the street power?
· Is Chairperson for Life’s actions a charade or a game as Kashif Abbasi of ARY is quoted to say HERE
· If Musharraf abdicates, or is pushed out what will the new President/General rule under – current PCO or Martial Law?

Right now all we hear is political talk. Chairperson for life, Imran Khan, Nawas Sharif, MMA – they all yak-yak about taking to the street. But who do we see on the streets?

It is a game of numbers. Unless the masses take to street real change would not materialize.

The impression of Kashif Abbasi is reinforced. It is all a charade. A charade at the expense of the country.

The local and international protesters, bloggers, activists will feel good and relieve their conscience a bit. And then move onto to hit other walls. Hope this time it does not come to that.

My fears are if these really get out of hand another General is waiting in the wings. Brace yourselves for promises of elections in 90 days, or a year or ten.


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