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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cystal Gazing

While it is entirely plausible that Mushy is stalling Bushy and waiting for the next Administration to be sworn in, time is a luxury not on his side.

If we can scrutinize the past and project it on the current and future dealings then I’d say that Mushybaba’s public statement are calculated to play the gallery both at home and abroad. The public ‘rebuff’ given to Negroponte will be followed by private reassurances to mai-baap that he would do what they ask for in a few day’s time. This is not a hard sell for both the White House and the Foggy Bottom. They understand the consequences of appearing too poodleish

Tomorrow, (later today) Mushybaba is going to SaudiAmerica. I won’t be surprised if King Abdullah bin Bush arranges a surreptitious pow-wow between Musharraf and Sharif bin Zia. Even a hint of that would be enough to keep Pinkybaby off guard.

Crystal Gazing?

On his return the Emergency will be retired along with his uniform. The detainees will be released. Sharif would make sound bites of returning to Pakistan. Mrs. Zardari will participate in election after threatening to boycott it. Chastened Geo and ARY News and Current Affairs Programming will return to air. The Article 6 issue (treason for tampering with the Constitution will be resolved somehow. Somehow? Ji, the Jadoogar of Jeddah hasn’t replied to my email yet. But he will find a way, rest assured.


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