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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

where do smiles go?

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where do the smiles go?
the one that played on your lips
the one that glistened from a new leaf
the one that deserted when the toy was taken away
the one that can be sensed
amidst the sighs, grunts, sweat in the dark
is it hidden in the foggy post-post smoke?
does it seek refuge in the floating rose petal?

is there a bridge that smile takes
who is at the other end?
what is at the other end?
why are these queries so open-ended
and ceaseless? and how?

are smiles brave? or cowering under bravado?
are they innocent? or all knowing?

why do smile-prints wall-paper memory ville?
why do they awe and shock and...?

feel free to ask me why they intrigue (me) so


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