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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Time-out for things temporal - Anjum Niaz

(this is what i wrote to anjum niaz)

as i opened today's Dawn Magazine on the back your column's heading and SWOT's Trivial Pursuit caught my eyes


it was tough deciding which one to go for first

digression: why must we focus on religious-derivatives only selectively? (in this case food wastage highlighted in ramadaan?)

of course this is not a veiled criticism of your column but an observation i have made in the past...tenth of muharram...papers are full of sacrifice/stand in to divine will/charity/celebration gifts of life...

isn't this compartmentalization intriguing?

ps: oh another pet peeve! when folks say happy ramadaan! why not a happy new year on the first of muharram? ok,enough!


TAKE a break from life. The temporal one, I mean. Eleven months in a year is enough to pander to the demands dictated by self and others around. Thirty days of spirituality then can click with the soul, whether you fast or not, that’s your business.

Butt complains of humans wasting food. Well, he can say that again! In America the size of the helpings is phenomenal and therefore impossible to finish.

If you allow competitive metabolism to take a back seat, open up the heart to the Higher Being and during these weeks go all out to stay the course will you not come out a winner?

[for her column click on the heading]


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