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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Judges being pressurised to adopt middle-way - Dr Naeem Chishti

Can the judges read the writing on the wall. writing on the wall also is a reference to hamid mir's urdu column in today's jang. in this column naeem chisti makes a different conclusion. time will tell:) - t

General Musharraf’s extreme ultra-constitutional action means nothing but a replay of what he had already done on October 12, 1999. However, this time his ultra-constitutional action will be brief and precise focussing mainly on two points: getting rid of unwanted judges and selected revision of the Constitution. General Musharraf will have no difficulty to get approval of this ultra-constitutional action either from the re-composed Supreme Court or from the re-convened Parliament and Provincial Assemblies. President General Pervez Musharraf has already made it clear that he has full support of the Armed Forces. Therefore, his ultra-constitutional action is not likely to be opposed by his colleagues in the Military. Otherwise too, most of the top position holders in the Armed Forces at present are appointees of General Musharraf himself. He must have made their appointments after due deliberation on the basis of his personal as well as official knowledge about them. Besides, Pakistan’s Armed Forces have always shown exemplary discipline in all circumstances. As such, there is no likelihood that General Musharraf’s ultra-constitutional action will be opposed by the Military high command either before or after it is taken.

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