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Thursday, September 20, 2007

A government bolstered by mafias - Aziz-ud-Din Ahmad

stealing silver from titanic? opposition, particularly imran khan tires not of asking for 'free and fair' elections, they have convinced themselves that the judiciary is finally free. for how long remains to be seen, after all do you think this judiciary can resist the pressures of PPP or PML-N if and when they come to? did they not indulge in murder, mayhem, ransom, profiteering, corruption also as ahmed accuses the present govt.? the suggestion that i made in Pakistan At the Precipice: A Vision for Coexistence perhaps could be a viable start. but it needs consensus and will - both in short supply in today's pakistan - t

During General Musharraf’s rule people have suffered from the manipulations of powerful mafias that include sugar mafias, stocks mafias, land mafias, human trafficking mafias, and abduction-for-ransom mafias. All these enemies of the people have conducted their nefarious trades with impunity under the umbrella provided by the general’s government in return for political and support and monetary gain.

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