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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Bubble bubble, toil and trouble - Humayun Gauhar

(from the ghost author of in the line of fire an interesting trial balloon - t)

Musharraf has said that emergency and martial law are no solutions, but he also added ominously that Pakistan comes first. The riding off into the sunset option is out, for it would totally destabilise Pakistan and lead to an extremist takeover, to prevent which there certainly would be martial law. We have discussed many possibilities, but have you thought of this one? Musharraf enters the presidential race but Shujaat also files his nomination papers as a cover candidate. If Musharraf is not stopped from contesting, fine, for he will win. But if the Supreme Court stops him, Shujaat will contest and with the president still in uniform he will also win hands down. President Shujaat gives General Pervez Musharraf, chief of the army staff, an extension for five years. The assemblies are immediately dissolved and elections held fast. With Musharraf reinvigorated and still cock of the walk, the PML-Q and its allies win handsomely. Shaukat Aziz becomes prime minister again, the two-year bar on government servants is lifted, Shujaat resigns and Musharraf gets re-elected as president. Who needs Benazir then? Or Nawaz? Sounds fanciful, I know, but it is by no means out of the realm of possibility. Benazir and Nawaz are not the problem. It is the Supreme Court that has to be circumvented, legally and constitutionally.

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