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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

unending work of a monarch

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stored in memory cobwebs
chasing scents, wind and nectar
pulsating chromatic waves

the one found in a jar
in the attic was happy, once
....................and alive

if butterflies dream
what happens to their dreams?


the social genus
perky, fresh, aflutter
an object of desire
for those with a disparate net
drifloating joy
of life's unfinished work

the words in the folder
flaky dreams on frayed paper
frozen sighs, welled tears
unuttered affirmations
clogging memory cobwebs

midnight on the caribbean beach
when ocean comes alive
gone is the idyllic sun bathing
under the shade of the umbrella
with pina coladas and sun lotions
the waves now rise and fall
an unending percussion
slapping the resolve of the shore

timeless, inconclusive

the words, waves, the butterflies
never ending work and
the butterflies within
sans antennas
you, me, them
before and after
we metamorphose
we whirl


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