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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Top Ten: Uncle-Abdul's Reading List - Or Give Me Any Topic and I Will Show You How to Bash Islam

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10: Under Every Stone Lies a Hadith - Abu Hureira
9: The Third World Should Rollover and Play Dead - Al Ghazaali
8: The Biggest Obstacle for U.S. Hegemony is Islam - Tirmizi
7: Bin Laden and Ibn Warraq Are Twins - Baghdad Bob
6: Protocols of the Elders of Islam - by Gabriel
5: God Does Not Know Arabic - Ibn Kathir
4: My Son Has No Convictions Nor Can He Play Pipe - Umme Warraq
3: I Dreamt My Word on Islam is Final - Mr. Rajkotwala
2: Let's Rewrite Qur'an to Please Neoconzix - Ibn Sahhaf
1: The Hidden Sixth and Seventh Pillars - Hijab and Jihad - Ibn Homar al Alooj


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