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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

homar al alooj

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t: i was just reading an article by another uncle abdul
t: another wannabee ibn warraqite...thought i would respond...then had second thoughts
cd: why?
t: he belongs to islamwatch
cd: so? yes I know them
t: well just a quick glance tells me that they play with the truth the same way a jaahil mullah does...pick n choose n smash
cd: yes
t: and are too much on one extreme
cd: that's what annoys me so with mr. Rajkotwala
t : am SO wary of ANY born-again types
cd: you are absolutely right
t: the born-again zeal gets in the way of reason...khair...let us see where we go with this
cd: :)
t: hey what is homar al alooj beady is rapping about
cd: an obstinate fool or a brilliant mule
t: hmmm... wasn't alooj according to baghdad bob just a gadha?
cd: yes, a stinky gadha no less
t: and homar?
cd:a homar doesnt stink, he just kicks and brays

t: so that would be bush-blair as homar? no forgive me blair is a poodle
cd: (lol) a wimp of a wet noodle
t: and saddam would be the stinky one?
cd: depends on which side of the fence you're sitting
t: or the late asad or ibn asad...sorry am deluged by the third world tin pot dictators
cd: what's in a name anyway...despots are tyrants just the same
t: yeah whether they win by 99% all by themselves or with the help of supreme court;)
cd: (gotcha)....their win is their people's loss


t: you mentioned perfume and is too strong...get headache...perfume is different
cd: five sense need to be addressed...smell is but one of them
t: true but what if the central processor is what if a person does not have a functioning mind?
cd: then one needs to use the auxiliary one...multi task if necessary
t: this is leading somewhere?
cd: functioning minds are rather relative. malfunction is also a function
t: you believe in the predictability of unpredictability?
cd: again depends on which side of the fence you are sitting. creativity come from chaos
t: fence?
cd: crystal balls went out of fashion centuries ago
t: shhhh... i have one ...but back to fence for a moment
cd: fence, wall, borders, divide
t: we walk in a tightrope...a trapeze
cd: or bounce on a bungee
t: aha! wait...yes... fences divide...the tightrope was an individual's trudge through life...
back to perfume
cd: didn't they say no pain no gain? yes perfume is much nicer...(inhales ..exhales) sighs
t: my fav is no perfume...or the absence of one on a freshly scrubbed body
cd: for an asthmatic that is a the too much of even a good thing is still too much
t: yes moderation is the key
cd: in everything
t: about the only thing that does not hurt in excess is moderation
cd: but then that means sitting in the middle...or maybe on the fence
t: not necessarily - think of moderation as an absence of extremism - live and let live?
cd: extremism is on both sides of the fence, if it isn't this then it is that

t: or one more cliche - to each his her own
cd: opposites here do NOT attract
t: hate is that… not the other side of love
cd: the other side of love still divides
t: and attracts israelis palestinian
cd: kashmir
t: they are undecided puzzled and confused ...don't know which suitor to go for
cd: if they were men they'd be able to marry 4
t: four marriages are passe fact marriages are out...commitment is in (Q bit wrote an article on desi)
cd: (eh? I didn't understand that?)
t: Q bit argued in the article that marriages are a thing of past [link]
cd: lol commitments? mistakes are also committed
t: semantics -- ouch!!
cd: (laughs)
t: did adam and eve go to a registry? or to a priest?
cd: priest weren't created yet they just had each other and the apple
t: so we created a god in our image
cd: not even in ours ...we think higher of ourselves
t: explain this
cd: we correct God...we ascribe things to him...we interpret his words...we shove intentions down his throat....the created becomes the creator...and while he had the best in mind for us...we give him the worst
t: if i was adam i would not have eaten the apple;)
cd: hindsight is 20/20
t: there you shot down a brilliant and unique insight:)
cd: sorry,
hangs head in shame
takes all the blame
with that rhyme, lame

t: please don't drown me in humility ...i cannot be adam - heck am trying got be an insaan - and that is so difficult
cd: smiles...niyyat is all that matters


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