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Thursday, December 21, 2006

december 12, 2006


do i get to put the feet up and relax
having finished all the day's chores early?

but there is one thing yet to be done

have to scan the latest news
keep myself abreast of the bad tidings
from all over but first some tea

olmert is an opportunist
who inherited his job by default
and if he let slip a yawner
what is the big brouhaha about?
vannu let it out decades back
and paid for it too
as men of conviction do

and across the gulf his nemesis
responding to freedom of speech
and cartoon blasphemy issues
held a meet to question holocaust
to show them europeans
the iranians can match their hatred

the christmas tree goes up again
and two other headings
placed beside each other spell irony
grief and joy before pinochet funeral and
cindy sheehan convicted of trespassing
palestinians are cursed with a death wish
if not israeli bullets or bombs
they take it upon themselves
to kill and maim each other
while bush hold more talks
on the strategy group's suggestions
the killing spree continues in baghdad
(placed bottom right corner
in all google news versions
Canada, US, India, Australia, NZ)

and families lose their beloved ones
while the beltway bandits
light up for the joyous season

ho ho ho


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