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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

conversation with a cute desi

cd: where have you been
t "aashiq bannayaaa..."
cd: himesh reshammiya?
t "aashiq bannayaaa..."
cd: what is the time there?
t "aashiq bannayaaa...two sober"
cd: i can sense something
t: have tears in my eyes
cd: men don't cry
t: am not crying
cd: are you writing?
t: yes
cd: and that moves you
t: read for yourself:

it hit me with stupefaction
in the solar plexus
with temperature edging up

cd: ah gaza?
t: no
cd: the grandma?
t: nahin bhaee
cd: hmmmm fearful of civil strife?
t: not that either
cd: the massacre?
t: no no baba no even the five car bombs in Baghdad
cd: alright continue with you poem. want to see what brings tears to your eyes

t: it hit me with stupefaction
in the solar plexus
with temperature edging up
rhinoscopic examination
- oft repeated tales
of lava in the chest
beyond the reach
of the muscle bundle......

cd: goodness - you are having a heart transplant?
t: no, but this does feel like the end of the world
cd: what could be worse than heart transplant?
t: .............
cd: r u choking?
t: no
cd: sobbing, oh poor t
t: .............
cd: i have never seen you at a loss of words
t: told you am not crying...though tears are flowing
cd: you poets and your exaggerations
t: oofho why don't you understand
cd: tears in your eyes yet you are not crying
t: yes and nose blocked and congestion too
cd: and you are running a fever too
t: yes
cd: oofho, pehlay kyun nahin bataya you have a bad cold
t: i was about to....aashiq bannayaa
cd: am calling M, you men have such low threshold!
t: sigh
cd: why sigh?
t: you don't want to read the rest of it
cd: right! drink juices and will survive
t: hmmmm...threshold...bye


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