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Saturday, July 29, 2006

dancing azrael*

'nobody runs for ever.'-Mahajirzadeh

they talk in amman
they talk in london
they talk in paris
they talk in riyadh
they talk in washington
till jaws creak
meanwhile azrael* dives
from the clouds of crimson silence
to embrace children, women, men

ensconced in consuming silence
i wish they stop all talks
__of peace__of ceasing hostilities
let them run out
of ammunition, hatred, arrogance
passion___________and rockets
like boxers past their prime
seeking refuge of the bell
they will cease by themselves

that would be the time
to talk with them
about pains, hurt and living


Azrael (ăz'rāĕl) [Heb.,=help of god], in the Qur'an, angel of death, who severs the soul from the body. The name and the concept were borrowed from Judaism.


Blogger temporal said...

"like boxers....cease by themselves" beautiful painting made of words. alas, what you wish for won't happen. who takes the time to pause and reflect and thus realize the truth?




i still see advantages in letting them collapse of exhaustion


(a) a great percentage of their war expenses are being footed by the US taxpayers...if this goes on and on at some time the BA would have to pass the bill to the taxpayers...the US voters have a tendency to wake up in a rush when hit in the wallet

(b) hamas and hezbollah supporters also don't have very deep pockets

(c) if the violence goes on - ultimately the ROW will wake up too

court of public opinion

(a) in israel it will strengthen the doves - the hawks who are used to six to seventeen day wars would be weakened

(b) the death and destruction would weaken the fanatics hold in lebanon and other arab countries nearby


and hopefully the chain reaction set in would galvanize towards addressing an equitable solution for the core problem -- peaceful coexistence of palestinians arabs and israeli jews

and once it materializes it will have a domino effect on 'struggles' elsewhere

oh the advantages of star-gazing:)

August 07, 2006 6:02 PM  

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