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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

apathy / bay gaangi

roar of silence
din of shivers
shrouded .........rags

leaves whisper
cut off from
mother branch

waves from
oceans afar
plead with sand
removed from
father mountain

rhythmic arrhythmic
whirl of bodies
in shabistaan*

karbala* cries
of the

smile that flees
before flickering
on infant's lips

hearts that echo
don't hear muteness
..................shrouded in
fresh white coffin

who has the will
to hear these tales

emptying our
hearts and wallets
will not affect
zombie fortunes
like us they will
they will .....

*shabistan - coined by noon meen rashid: a place to spend a night
*karbala: the town where Imam Hussain, was accosted by the forces of Muawaiya. In Muslim history seen in context of a battle between the forces of 'right' and the 'usurpers'

bay gaangi
parday kaan kay sun'n kardainay wala shor e khamoshi
aflas maiN thar'tharratay kapkiyuN ki shOr o fughaaN
shaakhON say juda sajda kartay pattON ki shikayat
aahON ka pahaRON ko ooRa dainay wali siski
chatanON say jan'm der jan'm do'or rait kay zarrat ka shikwa
saat samandar taire ker mauj ki zar'raat e saahil say gila
shabistaanON maiN jismON ki bay hunghum o bay hangham raq's
teesri duniya kay labON ka, zeh'nON ka raag e karbala
azizOn kay bichaRnay per numm aankhON ki bay-busi
muskurahat jo bikharnay say pehlay jo hojati hay go'om

kis dil per hoga a'sar in bay-awaaz naghmON ka
nahiN sunay ga ab in geetON ka ehtijaaj koi
yeh sisakti, khaki faryaadaiN dhulay kaf'n maiN saji
hum aa'ghOsh dharti kay seenay say hoNgi chupkay chupkay
khaak khaak aaloodah hogi, khaak khaak say aashnaa hogi
in bay-aawaaz dastanON kay sunnay ki sak't naa'paid hay
nahiN sunay ga, nahiN sunay ga, ab koi nahiN....

kya jaib ko youN khali ker dainay say paraishaaN haalON
kay mitt jaiNgay ghumm, lOt jaiNgi muskurahataiN
hum aur woh bud-haal donON isi beh'r e talatum maiN
mauj e hawadis ka saamna kartay kartay mitt jaiNgay


Blogger hack said...

I'm afraid my Urdu isn't really literature-worthy. I suppose I'm tempted to ask you what kind of "help" you're looking for :) but if I were an ethical writer, I wouldn't. My Urdu isn't literary. I just speak it.

Really nice to see you have a blog. Thanks for dropping by mine and I'm sorry I haven't responded before this. I will get to your other comments soon inshallah.

Baqi rahi movie vali baat: I think I'll actually turn that into another post and answer it on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

November 16, 2005 5:11 PM  
Blogger hack said...

acha, meri ulti complaint hai: I can't read urdu in roman very well. especially with all the capitals for nun ghunna vaghera.

having said that, i must also confess (or did I already) that I won't be able to help with any urdu writing because it's not my arty language, just my communication language. so i apologize for that.

also, i wrote a response to your comment on the same blog entry of mine where you left it, just so you know. :) KH

November 21, 2005 5:28 PM  

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