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Thursday, September 15, 2005

NGOs in pakistan


...there are hundreds of NGOs that work in Pakistan and the third world and do a reasonable job...many of them shoe string operations staffed by dedicated is amazed at their resolve and ability...and they deserve all the kudos and help the expats can extend them...medicins sans borders is one of familiar with some of them...dr. cassim degani has been visiting Afghanistan and other troubled spots regularly and his efforts have been acknowledged by many including our (Canadian) governement...

...and then there are others… with almost unlimited resources, with huge offices, cars, buildings and paid staff and relatively little to show for their involvement in the outsider would never guess....because they are good in projecting their know...seminars and shows and functions with properly placed media coverage...

...dr. iftikhar ahmed earlier of CUNY and other institutions, currently of Karachi one of the editors of BETWEEN PAST AND FUTURE: SELECTED ESSAYS ON SOUTH ASIA by Eqbal Ahmed Edited by Dohra Ahmed, Iftikahr Ahmed and Zia Mian--Publisher: Oxford University Press has written two exposes on some of the big NGOs operating in Pakistan…those two articles were not accepted by any major newspaper in Pakistan for publication...on several occasions in the past have asked him to submit those two articles to chowk...each time he promised to do so...he is fighting some personal demons and since am not longer there am unable to pursue the submission with him...if there is someone in Karachi reading this who has access to him and can get him to submit those pieces they would be very revealing of the roles of some major NGOs in the third world...

dr.iftikhar ahmed is a nephew and pervez hoodbhoy is the son-in-law of late dr. ekbal ahmed


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