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Sunday, August 28, 2005

just another sunday

June 15, 2003

just another sunday?

what is in a day? today is like any other dayÖwe wake up and smileÖfor we are aliveÖsometimes i wonderÖwhat if we sleep and never wake upÖbut guess we need a different medium to relate those experiencesÖ

last night in the mid sleep i groggily wrote a thought and am putting it hereÖwill let it gestate for a whileÖmaybe couple of good lines, part of a poem or article might emerge from this:

poucha oos shaukh nay
aap sawaal buhat kartay haiN
kaha hum nay bibi
jub sawal na hoNgay
hum bhee na hoNgay

ÖhmmÖthe last two lines are the heart of the matter...we live, we breathe, we queryÖ.we stop living, we stop queryingÖdo we learn from this lesson of living?Öand what?

Öhad a field day the other dayÖfound this alphabetical accordion fileÖand on an impulse collected some stored boxes and envelopes and files of bits and pieces of things had crawled or typedÖand forced myself to sort and file them alphabeticallyÖthe job is nearly finishedÖjust the sorting bitÖthen Ö khairÖin this endeavor came across a few poems and thoughts that were written god knows whenÖ some vaguely familiarÖothers strangely interestingÖdid i write this? did i experience that feeling?Öthe stuff there needs more sorting out and pruningÖwill share some of it here laterÖone thing that i can share here is thisÖit appears i have always been asking queriesÖspread over decadesÖquerying everythingÖand someÖmay be most of them still unresolved...

back to this dayÖopened the mail in anticipationÖdid not find what I was looking forÖjust a query from a friend to help a first time visitor to TO find accommodation for three monthsÖbut the day is not over yetÖand we live on hopeÖ

jub sawal na hoNgay
hum bhee nahiN hoNgay


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