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Monday, April 12, 2021

nawwab and i: ramazan and ramadan

Nawwab and I: ramazan and ramadan

t: nawwab, what is the consensus?
N: ramazan is turkish, persian and indian
t: and ramadan is arabic and english?
N: yes. before they fixed the lunar calendar, ramadan used to come in the hot month only. the root is ramida meaning hot, burnt or scorched
t: what do you mean before they fixed the lunar calendar?
N: like the jews, the earlier muslims used to adjust the 10 day shortfall by inserting  the month of 'nasi' every second or third year. hence there were no seasonal changes. in the prophet's time ramadan used to come in the summer months only.
t: who fixed this Hijri calendar and when?
N: the second caliph umar fixed it in 638 CE retroactively, beginning with the hijrah
t: why did he abandon the rotating calendar
N: woof, woof.
t: ok, i know it is time for your walk. 
N: why do you obsess with how it is spelt? you do not even fast
t: do you want to go out for a walk or no? stop digressing
N: so you want to go back to the non-issue - ramazan or ramadan?
t; yes
N: non-issue. the important thing is to pause, reflect, serve
t: go on o sage
N: fasting is merely cleansing the body. reflecting cleans the mind. zakat is the distribution of wealth. haqooq ul ibad is more important than haqooq allah. forget nomenclature. do the right thing
t: why did i ask you
N: let us go for the walk


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