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Friday, November 20, 2015

mrs. ashfaq munir's resentment

mrs. ashfaq munir's resentment

8.00 pm

resentment played
on the smooth face of mrs ashfaq munir
like the strobe lights 
on niagara falls at  dusk
as mr. ashfaq munir
wriggled and settled
in his lazy boy

commercial break

during the commercial break
his gaze would wander around the room
the dieffenbachia in the corner
taj mahal on the silk wall carpet
half-filled ashtray
yesterday's news by his feet
and on the side table
luke warm tea
and missus...
missus would pick up the tv guide
during this break and stare intently
at its pages
reading the schedule
like qur'an
sans understanding or intent


since over a score plus two years
monday-friday, 9-5 same routine
wake up, brush, shower, breakfast
pick up brief case, mumble byes and
from the office  at 11 and 3
mandatory phone calls home

on the way back home
occasionally some chores
milk, eggs, laundry
followed by a quiet dinner
reading the evening paper
then nonchalantly inquiring
-how are you
-how was your day
-any news

8.15 pm

after washing his hands
he would sit in his lazy boy
wriggle to a comfortable posture
in front of the tv
but today he sensed mrs. ashfaq munir
appeared more resentful
than past days, months, years

commercial breaks came and went
mr ashfaq munir
ensconced in his easy chair halo
wondered about her resentment

his thought streams
like the search light from the towers
circling the landscape
randomly fell on her face
but her resentment
was not an escaped prisoner
frozen in its glare

10.00 pm

tv viewing ended
they brushed their teeth
exchanged inaudible good-nights
and went to sleep
back to back


(urdu version)


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