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Saturday, October 26, 2013


  1. Inspired by that grudging quest to unearth the ultimate, what the implosion unleashed was neither a mullah nor a free mason
  2. he loved Him, he loved Him not, he loved Him, he loved Him not. Wazifa e faqr; Ishq da mujra
  3. Don't want your castles Nor for you to build a Taj Nor vows of everlasting love Proclaimed at every hour *ugh* All I want is you.
  4. who'd have thought maulana raiwindi was a free mason? ansar abbasi? NOT
  5. lack of (in no particular order), muse leader belief in god big cause, led Paula to many isms & excessive gourmet cooking.
  6. Btw, I love castles, the Taj and even declarations of my awesomeness by the hour - with or without you.
  7. He would always finish his drink first &then stand on the prayer mat. His grasp on spirituality was stronger than any wall ever built
  8. Prompts for mercurial, mullah, mason. Tagging for . Please RT.


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