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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


  1. "I'll break my fast with some ghoti and ghoughpteighbteau." "Angrez ki aulad, ye leh, khajoor."
  2. The problem with your language, O native Inglitio speakers, is you are in love with your own cleverness.
  3. Creeping slowly, dusk to dusk, the green mouths chewed for life. Famine laughed and tossed his head, then snarled and drew his knife.
  4. When he ordered just fries on our first date, I knew something fishy was going on.
  5. Haters gonna hate. Daters gonna date. Potatoes gonna potate.
  6. Psalima could not contain her puzzlement, when Psalim took her to a local fish and chips store on the first date.
  7. prompts for ghoti, ghoughpteighbteau, date. tagging for
  8. I had to google these words. Prompts for a Twitter story. MT : prompts for ghoti, ghoughpteighbteau, date.


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