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Sunday, October 20, 2013


  1. Though her toys grew more brutal - from a paddle to an iron fist and finally nails & hammer - the game remained essentially the same.
  2. A zephyr blew his hat away to save the goose girl's braids, but the score was always love-love and is so to this day.
  3. Taliban release video game; imploding mechanism causes complaints however
  4. the stench released when the iron fist hit the royal commode was peerless

  5. 'my master asks if you are taken?' Girl asks. 'Oh my, tell him, no I am not.' I answer. 'No, he asks if you are Dr. Tekken Smith?'
  6. How my royal subjects have taken to my authentic multicultural digital identity. Danke! Bis bald!
  7. "8 bits just won't do it, King Graham", the young witch said, taking a big bite off the juicy red apple.
  8. 'those are games kids play.' she said with a twinkle as she disrobed
  9. Prompts for Pong, Tekken, King's Quest tagging for


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