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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


  1. : a win and a crown for everyone who sacrifice selfishness and curb egos this day and more
  2. On the goat, the kid screamed in excitement."Mom! If it's gonna be sacrificed soon, can we name it Nearly-Headless Nicka?"
  3. Every win called for a sacrifice.The crown prince overlooked this fact.Goats spared but overgrazing & lack of meat led to famine.
  4. Nawwab and I: On Goats and Pumpkins (caveat: for those not familiar, Nawwab is a perceptive dog)

  5. Jill lured Jack (with a pail) and killed him. Pushed him off a hill. Broke his crown and, possibly, her heart. And was crowned queen.
  6. rock, paper, goat, camel. My camel beats your goat (borrowed from a friends FB status)
  7. poor goat: and We know you mortals will not give Me your off-springs.....
  8. as the legend goes, he imprisoned his father. gouged the eyes & killed his siblings to win the crown.
  9. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari FTW


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