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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


  1. Was very efficient.But at things others considered nuisance.
  2. How to appear awesomer than you really are: Gift her diamonds. Dil dena toh cheesey hai, jaana.
  3. Lying still, a weeping heart a bleeding chest, if it was the nightingale, the tiger, the efficient cause to the final cause.
  4. He could see her clearly in the distance, smiling at him like she used to. His sight was still 20/20, but what he saw was a mirage.
  5. She gazed at the sky, musing. Tiny diamonds sparkled at the corner of her eyes. "What are you thinking?" "Mars is bright tonight..."
  6. in the aftermath of the storm the unsung relief workers brought smiles to the homeless hungry.
  7. concise response to ? -florence nightingale -abdul sattar edhi -malala
  8. thanks :Prompts for :effulgent,expansive, efficient. Tagging for .
  9. Prompts for : effulgent, expansive, efficient. Tagging for . . Pls. RT


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