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Monday, October 14, 2013


  1. Sprightly fishtail slaps may have won him the race but the rat-tail snaps made it worth it.
  2. Barista's breakdown @ 8AM combined with the news of Costa stabbings @ 12PM made me happy I didnt nip down for a cup at midday.
  3. he was the perfect pick-me-up - short, sweet and low on fluff
  4. folds layered, smother air and space, stimulating candid affectations
  5. The coffee spill was intentional, as was the stubble. It's just his towel slipping off that caught them both offguard.
  6. kidnappers released him/drank his morning coffee/later left d wet towel on d bed/made'em suspicious/as T wld nvr break his own rule.
  7. . he was not recognizable. rejection changed him. beard, endless coffee cups, insomnia...
  8. thanks : prompts: Towel; Coffee; Stubble Tagging for


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