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Saturday, October 12, 2013


  1. wrote silence of the sword/the book/not apt in post 9/11 world/so changed the subject/drones talking/was now in print.
  2. "Ae wee snick and then 'tis severed!" Prof. McGonagall quavered. Lucius tucked his piece back, sneering, "You witches be all alike."
  3. "Tonight, I shall prove my love to thou, my de- " "Hush, silly! And sheath thy sword. I hear someone yonder..."
  4. Wrapped around the sword, the silent slithery serpent looked like the dollar sign. "We see what we yearn", said Confucius
  5. the pen fails when tiredness slides and slithers, dumbing the brain
  6. some secrets must die a silent death; protected by the sentinel guard
  7. : a strategically inserted sword can baffle & silence both harry potter and his creator thus speaketh zarathustra
  8. Nine hours now. The silence on this hashtag's deafening, the absence of stories cutting through TLs like a sword. Rise, ye Slytherins
  9. thanks :Prompts for sword,silence, slytherin. Tagging for prev anthos here


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