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Friday, October 11, 2013


  1. the hot chocolate was served.That was her idea of warfare against heartbreak.He obviously owned the cafe.
  2. Tall and handsome, with a sculpted body right out of Greece. It was too good to be true. Then he typed back, "Your luking hawt"
  3. : he learned, much later, how his term of endearment for her (motu) caused the rift and breakup
  4. : watching bollywood oldies, the young one asks, 'mom. why do they talk through the servants?'
  5. All she had to do was tell. But she kept waiting for him to ask. All he had to do was ask. But he kept waiting for her to smile.
  6. thanks : prompt: Heartbreak warfare Tagging for prev. anthos here
  7. The image falters amidst implosive shock waves, then intensifies, while stubborn and stilted we listen to bag pipes behind sand bags
  8. Silent warfare. 5 days of not talking. She's missing him dreadfully. But alas, pride and frustration will drag this out even more.
  9. arz-e-niaz e ishq ke qaabil na raha/ jis dil pe hamain naaz tha wo dil nahi raha
  10. She sighed as the pigeons pecked at it. They had warned her about wearing her heart on her sleeve.


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