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Thursday, October 10, 2013


  1. she accidentally dropped her prized Lalique onto her foot. she got her maid to caress it but stilleto hurt a lot :-(
  2. Her dress whipped in the cold, biting wind; she bit into the melting chocolate and smiled, loving how frank the weather was with her.
  3. The cold dagger across her neck froze her with terror.She wanted to scream 'I just want to live' but blood spilled quicker than words

  4. HSY with drew the small knife and smiled. Kamiyar saw the blood pooling. His last thought was that his new kurta was now ruined.
  5. She was contacted to ID the Jane Doe. The victim had been stabbed wearing a most exquisite dress dress from her fall collection.
  6. a little attitude will be all you'll need on this ramp sweetheart. The rest is a facade
  7. The little chefs prepped and dressed the turkey so well that carving and serving it broke their hearts. There were sniffles and sobs.
  8. Don't play this tweet backwards.
  9. But you need to be, ahem, size zero.
  10. he thought he could pull it off...sipping roh afza from a red stiletto on the ramp. but the audience was as crazy
  11. thanks : indulgence/ stiletto/ couture tagging for prev. anthos here:
  12. She wore a Chanel scarf and Jimmy Choo's. Didn't know it tho - Begum Sahab had passed it on in her last clear out.
  13. Couture week was a success till the model slipped.The press release later mentioned it was coz of high healed voguish stilleto.
  14. indulgence/ stiletto/ couture tagging for


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