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Wednesday, October 09, 2013


  1. Scrambled,fried,poached.After fifteen years of marriage she used these terms to describe her mood.
  2. depends on the mood and the person
  3. "How'd you like your eggs, ma'am?" He asked discreetly sizing her long legs. "I want bacon, grilled. In eggs I prefer boiled, hen's."
  4. When it comes to the morning after, there's just one rule. I want breakfast in bed and it better not be eggs.

  5. Twisting tendrils of light into small wisps of wool, she breathed in God, and gave birth to peace. No anesthetic was necessary.
  6. The door creaked and she panicked. She fumbled, desperately trying to conceal the Fabergé. Too late. He saw the extra curve.
  7. Scramble my thoughts, fry my brains Poach my feelings, so we may never see each other again
  8. : : 'dad. does the chicken mind?' asked the young philosopher.
  9. thanks : Prompts for : scrambled, fried, poached. tagging for
  10. ...and that's how you ought to treat Twitter Eggs/pseudo-profiles who send you DMs.
  11. . She said, Any way you want it/ That's the way you need it


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