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Tuesday, October 08, 2013


  1. He asked me not be be reckless... but it was already too late by then. I had to keep my silence and just let myself fall again.
  2. You just keep me hangin' on...
  3. Climb inside my heart and run through my veins. You can be my reckless addiction, the overdose I'll await with open arms.
  4. Was reckless.Relapse was unavoidable.Rehab was waiting at the other end.A failed actress.
  5. for hard to chose between michael jackson and robert downey jr. @RamshaFatima_
  6. In a furtive attempt to seize his fall, he grabbed and shook her hard. "Look into my eyes. Just once!" She did. And lost again.
  7. : Reckless; Rehab; Relapse (Release when the time is right.) for


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