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Friday, October 04, 2013


  1. : the numbed crowd watched in disbelief the velvety thigh of the suicide bomber

  2. A thousand thoughts crowded her mind as the jackfruit pulp hit her tongue. Memories of forgotten kisses, sultry summers, lazing limbs
  3. Smooth was the night, not a ripple breaking the quiet. Far far away from the world they soared.
  4. guess its only appropriate to add Andy Warhol to then ;)
  5. Such smoothness... you left me alone though there was the world around me. Such aloneness; I shivered
  6. Her velvet touch - he knew, he'll miss that the most as he watched her disappear in the crowd. A leaf fell into the rippling lake.
  7. The heads, jostling. The flames, sinuous, soft. The hands, stretching for a lock of her hair as she whispered "Father, forgive them."
  8. I am so tempted to write a single-word TS for . The word is: Draupadi.
  9. Write a twitter story, just like that only. Tag it. MT : thanks : prompts for Velvet, ripples, crowd.
  10. thanks : prompts for Velvet, ripples, crowd. tagging for RT
  11. the enthused crowd clapped/paper turned into velvet/the magician wore it like a cloak/and disappeared/the last of the acts.


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