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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Nawwab and I: On Goats and Pumpkins

Maybe, this , we will sacrifice a . I will carve into it, spill its seeds. Roast its innards and display the skin on my porch.

N: carve the pumpkin as @rabfish said
t:  you do not mean I should forget the goat
N: pumpkin
t: at your peril N. god said and as  ishmael debated...
N: ok ok don't be so melodramatic
t: ...the goat
N:  that is not that big a sacrifice
t: ...struggled out of his grip and slid down the mountain
N:  (woof woof) 
t:...leaving the rope dangling in his hands.
N: go on. am by the hydrant listening to you
t: the rope was symbolic in many ways
he could cut the slack, he could hang, he could  harness.
ishamael, nonplussed looked heavenward
N: (typical of those who do not use their god given mind do look heavenward)
t: stop with your cyncism...but the god had moved away
so ishmael looked down...his young son too had wandered away
shaking his head he climbed down
where hagar was cooking the evening meals
he was not hungry
did not want to eat
did not want to talk
but he had to  eat
he had to talk
N: yes they had matrimoinial frictions then too
t: later staring at the starry sky
he thought of sacrifices
that he made almost daily
and wondered if those were not enough
why  would god ask for more?
N: ah what a relief.
t: i am indulging in uneasy queries.
N: go on you have an eternity to fill. I was being thankful for the hydrant.


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