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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


  1. 'Something's fishy about this eatery...' 'Quit the wordplay. Your plaice is right there, beside the fries.'
  2. Teach a man to fish, and he will know his plaice. Teach a man to cook it, and he will know his place in the kitchen.
  3. Placing a plaice on her plate she felt like disappearing into a corner or perhaps playing behind a curtain.
  4. as fish cooked/played d piano/d fire spread/house turned into a furnace/a mild twist to daily routine/last BBQ/she planned/in rage.
  5. wld often ask,"Your place or mine?" Although had nothing to call his own.Just another word play.
  6. 'A Plaice for Us,' the story of a jealous wife who serves her husband his pet fish for dinner, opened to rave reviews last night.
  7. in the ICU faiz smiled when he recalled the leisurely sunday lunches of fried pomfret, dal and chawal with his family.
  8. "Ki drama ey?", the Lahori complained to the Karachite. "Jis thaan jao, machi e labdi ey. Ethay kukar ban ney?" "Ji?" she replied.
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