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Monday, September 23, 2013


#TS649 "Hello. I come from a nation that excels in self-deception and is busy deflowering itself at breakneck speed."

  1. It took him ages to realize the deep insidious harm he did by planting the idea of 3M in her head.
  2. two headless chickens pirouetting were heard singing paeans for talk with taliban
  3. thanks : prompts for eviscerated, unfaithful, kinetic. tagging for .
  4. She wondered abt him and whatshername.He doubted her actions.Actually their mind was unfaithful to their heart.

  5. She thought about getting help as he lay bleeding. But then took the money and ran

  6. Prompts for :adage,reticent,duplicitous Tagging for


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