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Saturday, September 21, 2013


  1. Do not fall in love with : it invokes a need to love and be loved by cyber space. 😘😜😍
  2. twitter stories kindled the passion.Although she refused to acknowledge it as eLove.
  3. One day, among all the bills and notices nestled a pink envelope, his address handwritten with heart-dotted 'i's. "Oops," he sighed.
  4. : they met on the net a short courtship later took the eternal vows and in less than a year they separated on earth end
  5. two computers, fully compatible, launched a program to erase all their data that they might re-boot in perfect innocence
  6. 'Lord E___!, loved the twit tern snap'; chatter stumbled upon, opined interest faced & booked; knowing 'read it's' posted
  7. cyber romance a sequence of neurons firing randomly in search of synchronisity & dying a death ...
  8. Twitter stories some Chronic Wounds..kindled libidos & an Unanswered E love ....
  9. 'cyber romance' alt. khayali pyar or yak tarfa muhabbatr
  10. prompts; Twitter stories; Kindle; eLove Tagging sting-operator for


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