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Saturday, August 31, 2013


  1. regret kept her from breaking down and dying. She had to survive his life this time around.
  2. : kama sutra does not mention stoking fires with ice cubes. vatsayana was a plain dweller. alex would be comfortable.
  3. : Malheureusement, vous êtes toujours là- he said. I don't speak Spanish- she said. No sólo español-he said.

  4. Baby, until you've lost everything Freedom is just another word.

  5. Broke & Guilt, the former feeding the latter.
  6. thanks : Prompts for : Broke, Stoked, Guilt Tagging for
  7. Restless and scared; your car in a dark alley for your man: A successful score. Fuck the guilt; You'll be stoked once you've smoked.


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