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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


  1. : the wost border to cross are not physical but mental. they can be exasperating and testing
  2. standing at the precipice of sanity I feel I cheated on insanity !!
  3. For Sale: Old TV set, old woman comes free
  4. They were on thin ice even when she was just East and he just West, but when she became Bangladesh and left him, mayhem ensued.
  5. They spoke for hours at the wall. In languages they couldn't understand.
  6. looking from high diminishes the perspective; looking while high does not
  7. He closed the distance between them. She greeted him with a kiss - a kiss that lasted till his lungs burst.Ghus-bethiay deserve this.
  8. when he stood on his soapbox he felt cool & edgy, never realizing how ordinary he really was
  9. at dawn, the rays arc in wild light on the island of the day before


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