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Thursday, August 08, 2013


  1. "Bhai ko aj bhool jao" ifti whispered. "Aur jaan ko tum!" Farah hissed. Dagger was poisoned & the hand was well practiced.
  2. : eid: ifti opportunately grabbed her in a bear hug. farah screamed "bhaijan," in pain. he released her and limped back.
  3. : mana lo yeh chand raat paRh lo namaz kal nikal dO is qaid say phir maiN dObara khailooN ga tri rooh say
  4. He fondly used to call her Bub, short for Beelzebub. Their mating rituals ended when he discovered the devil was with child.
  5. the ceremony of damning souls lost a little something when the Devil performed in drag
  6. The playful smile on the lips A swish of the skirt that you don The twirling of a lock of hair Be careful buddy, or I'm gone
  7. at first she found his romantic nature charming, but soon murderous thoughts arose every time she saw rose petals
  8. if not for her heel, her foot wouldn't slip. if not for the slip, her elbow wouldn't be caught. if not for that catch ...
  9. The devil told me God is love God forgives And thus, I kept on sinning.
  10. : victim: may your soul burn in hell rapist: soul? sold it to dr. faustus
  11. It's easy to give in to it all. What holds you to God besides these rituals anyway?


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