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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


  1. there is comfort here In this crooked corner where I sit huddled waiting for the final call to death
  2. -jump ~jump? -yes ~how high? -so i can sneak under ~ok, say it again -jump ~(jumps) ~where have you disappeared? @lahorigo
  3. : she was determined not to give in to his antics. for a nano second she smiled. enough for him to wade in and claim her.
  4. He jumped to the conclusion that she loved him. She wanted to bash his head in but one crack at a time.
  5. For a fleeting moment, the leap of faith seemed to mend the fissures in their souls, thought the soulmates.
  6. Black on White. Fire on Ice. The burka clad avenger swooped down on a city of evildoers. Victory was short-lived.
  7. thanks : prompts ephemeral, crevice, jump tagging for and does the honours for ?


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