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Thursday, July 25, 2013


  1. drenched. dying killing love is over spent exhausted tired at the precipice ruins of a city I once loved
  2. That sinking feeling was due to late night binging on ferrero rochers, she reflected all too late
  3. They realized soon after fornicating that the ship had hit an iceberg and was, sooner or later, going to sink.
  4. Paramedics said the deceased had died by drowning in his pool. Little did they know he had drowned and died in his sorrow years ago.
  5. Among other things they found his dairy at the river back. 'The god in me shall build me a new world'- the last entry by the drowned.
  6. brothels are to cities as the rock is to Rome
  7. he did the maths, determined her co-ordinates and took her down
  8. "What other dungeon is so dark as one's own heart! What jailer so in exorable as one's self!"
  9. Brooding sinful sense of superficial relief prevails as the life succumbs to the hostility of its own greed & lust.
  10. The pall of darkness & terror descended upon the city as it sank progressively into the endless depths of sin & immorality.
  11. She buried his secrets in the shifting sand.
  12. Prompts for from : Sin City Submerged. Pls RT.
  13. The dark knight rises - butterfly stroke 400m.
  14. As he lay there in a pool of his own blood, dying, a millionaire, he could only think of the day he moved to the big city.
  15. : : as the gypsy bard traveled from city to city he sought a single soul not submerged in sin, or cynicism without success


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