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Monday, July 15, 2013


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  1. eyes twinkling with mischief; pixies play with proxies of 'other' imaginary eyes

  2. There was a method to the madness of Peter Pan

  3. A manic depressive pixie, she knew no solace in routine. The only calm was in the middle of storm & so she continuously wreaked havoc

  4. Little did she know that the tooth-fairy was on vacation and the ogre was filling in for her.

  5. using the ogres as proxies, the fairies taught the gnomes a lesson they'd never forget ... until the next time
  6. blindly believing earned him a cell in a mental asylum -- chanda mama, tooth fairy, ghosts, flying horses...

  7. Only in Pakistan, its acceptable to kill Shias, for its done under the state patronage and by Saudi Proxies. Down With
  8. thanks : prompts for pixies, proxies, and praxis tagging for . rev anthos here

  9. Exorcise my demons And They will return Defying what is tangible. I believe in the unseeable

  10. she wanted to believe what her friend said-but the fact was that her wishes did come true after each tooth-fall

  11. Blyton hated kids; the pixie tales were but proxies. There were sinister going-ons on the other side of the faraway tree.
  12. RT : :) prompts for pixies , proxies, and praxis
  13. Prompts for from : pixies, proxies, praxis. Pls RT.


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