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Saturday, July 13, 2013


  1. Bacchus wasn't much of a sharer - inevitably it led to his downfall
  2. his instinct to flee from the maniacal gleam in her eye was over-ridden by the charming curve of her chest
  3. after the little death, she said a little thank you
  4. h: love will take my life s: love only takes your breadth away h: ah, what'll i do without you? s: yours to discover
  5. It was as if all worries had ended. Now all I waited for were the dreams.
  6. "I'm cold," Snowden said again in a frail, childlike voice. "I'm cold." "There, there," Yossarian said
  7. So, does all great art - that haunting, ecstatic sort, you see - reflect & immortalise the absurdity & inevitability of life & death?
  8. "When you play the Game of Love, either you live or you die. There is no middle ground"
  9. He sang to her of snow and mountain streams and she fell into a trance. She awoke to see him break into a thousand pieces.
  10. Ive been waiting it seems an eternity. I wait impatiently, you with an ethereal grace. I know even He can't keep me here forever.
  11. Between lover and beloved, is it really clear who's doing what to whom?
  12. Prompts for from : grace, eros, thanatos. Pls RT.


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