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Saturday, May 25, 2013


  1. : Anesthesia + Cuddles in a flight = babies .
  2. Sinksinksink into a cocoon, a vague memory of a safe place, a soothing steady throb... This trip had taken her too far into the past.
  3. Rock-a-bye baby On the cloud's top When the plane swerves The cradle will rock When the drug works Your senses will be lost... Ahhhhh
  4. : the premature baby was placed in the incubator and the mother was given a tranquilizer. she soared above clouds and was delirious
  5. The dilemma: Should I throw my kid through the window or jump out myself? Sigh. It seems the crew's thinking of dumping us both...
  6. : breaking news no need to put babies in cargo. FATA scientists have discovered drugs that induce sleep for overnight flights.


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