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Thursday, May 23, 2013


  1. "Friends with benefits". But even a fool could see where this was going.
  2. Is it worth it? The pain of his absence The agony of his presence?
  3. blame it on a cosmic flaw, yes, both one night stand and very long term relationships start with that first glance.
  4. زمانہ عقل کو سمجھا ہوا ہےمشعل راہ کسے خبر کہ جنوں خود ہےصاحب ادراک خرد کے پاس خبر کے سوا کچھ اورنہیں ترا علاج نظر کے سوا کچھ اورنہیں
  5. Can not change, would not dare touch. Shall not taste; might as well swallow. I look back. For I have to. And it hurts.
  6. do i want? by god! yes, yes i do but should i? oh! the fine line ...
  7. : at the 60th wedding anniversary, surrounded by family in hundreds, grandpa said, "it all started with the glint."
  8. thanks : prompts coup de foudre fais gaffe catch-22 tagging for prev anthos
  9. "Hold my hand. These rocks are rocky. Those slopes are slippery. That tryst is tricky. Look into my eyes. Do you trust me?" So I fell
  10. If intertwined, the vines/ know their fates/ the crate of earth/ it swallows whole. Yet they love/ the botanist looks on, misty eyed.
  11. Who doesn't want the apple? It's the worm they can't digest.
  12. they were lost in the light of the moon. It touched their hearts, swept their minds. They were 22 again. Even the Grim Reaper smiled.
  13. Eliza stared at Higgins, his lips, his elegance. She only knew this. If guttersnipes had self-esteem, this would be the end of that.


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